About Grid Girls Gallery

Why Grid Girl Gallery, the blog?? Well, why not?? This is a just for the fun blog, there are plenty of racing website visitors out there that like to see them grid girls. After all" they are part of the show, no matter if Formula 1, Moto GP, WTCC or some "lesser" racing series. Don't get excited if you see references to older races somewhere in the pictures. This is about the paddock girls or umbrella girls as they also called and nothing else. I do that for the fun of it, not to make any money so updates are on "as I can" conditions. Many of the pics are collected from available sources as of the teams or sponsors offer them to download.
I do not want to claim any copyrights here at all, I also do not want to steal from anybody. If you are a photographer and like to have you credits added to an image or like to have it removed just send an e-mail (with proof of course that you are in title to either). Watermarks on the images are only for the purpose to idendify the place they are published, not to claim copyrights or copylefts. ;-) I hope you all enjoy!!


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